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JKL Group is a diversified digital asset and blockchain focused firm providing institutions and direct clients with end-to-end expertise in asset management, quantitative investment solutions, lending, OTC services and Bitcoin mining.

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About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2017, JKL Group is a blockchain focused firm providing a wide range of services across the digital asset ecosystem. The group’s competitive edge is its end-to-end digital asset expertise, covering quantitative investment solutions, lending, OTC services and Bitcoin mining.

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2017 OTC Desk

JKL Group provides OTC brokerage services through its partner company, Point95 Global. Point95 Global is a technology-driven trading platform that connects multiple markets and brings the best liquidity to clients.

2018 JKL Capital

JKL Capital launches its Directional Quantitative Trading Strategy – the fund’s flagship strategy applying quantitative and machine learning methods to trade the volatility of cryptocurrency markets.

2021 AUM Growth

JKL Capital reaches US $300mil AUM offering Directional and Arbitrage quantitative investment strategies. Introduces tailor-made crypto lending and borrowing solutions.

Q2 2021
JKL Mining

JKL Group launches JKL Mining to focus on on developing, operating and owning world class facilities for Bitcoin mining globally.

Q3 2022
JKL Mining

JKL Mining went live with the first mining site hosting over 10,000 machines (35MW). Group’s mining arm plans to rapidly build out to 82MW of capacity by the end of 2022 and scale to over 200MW in 2023.


Our Latest

April Overview

Author: JKL Capital

JKL Capital sponsors Bitcoin 2022 Regulators. New hope for Bitcoin spot ETF. Financial institutions and blockchain actors

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March Overview

Author: JKL Capital

Biden issues an Executive Order focused on cryptocurrencies European Union voted for a new regulatory framework on cryptocurrencies Swiss city, Lugano, will accept BTC, UST and LVGA as ‘de facto’ legal tender.

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February Overview

Author: JKL Capital

Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Impact On Crypto And Bitcoin’s Increasing Correlation With Stocks. Canadian government is trying to freeze cryptocurrencies fundraised for protest.

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